Lead school MFL Head Of Dept suggestions on how to set up for a visit.

"I split the year group in half and he did one hour with each half. Tim has plenty of material and it's surprising how quickly the session goes! This year he focused on personalising learning and making languages relevant to pupils' actual career plans, hobbies and interests. The focus was also on the fact that every single job is international and importantly that you don't do languages to just be a teacher or translator.

I made sure that the venue was appropriate and had a projector/ lap top and that all pupils were seated in conference fashion. I briefed all pupils briefly beforehand so that they knew it was a conversation about their global futures. I ensured that the Head of Year was present and I also ensured that Leadership met Tim. Also it's important to include teachers from other subjects: I asked science, drama, history and ICT to come in and listen to the chat. Tim immediately involved all the teachers present in the talk. I also brought in the GCSE German class, Mandarin class and the A Level French student. He involved all of them!

I would recommend that the whole year group gets this opportunity (here we have Y8 options so this was the target group, but I also invited 14 Year 9 pupils). Also I would recommend that the talk isn't just offered to the more able. Actually I think the less able got a great deal out of the session; they were actually the stars of each show! A boy with aspirations to be a carpenter was the focus and why MFL/World Languages would be important to him going forward. So conversations around MFL for the trades & FE as well as the traditional HE routes."

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