What surprised you most about the information discussed with Tim?

"How many job opportunities there are just because you know another language."

"That being a multi-language speaker can offer higher salaries."

"That GCSE languages can be helpful for lots of different careers that are not always related to a language."

"How barely any time can result into 500 words in any language you want."

"That some talented people who were more than worthy of the job didn't get it because they couldn't speak another language."

"The amount of countries that speak German but have nothing to do with Germany."

"I learned that being able to speak a language (other than English) can give me more job opportunities within businesses and international jobs."

"The more he talked actual facts he knew himself and experiences he had it was more reassuring that he knew what he was saying and that he didn't over exaggerate."

"I didn't really consider how useful a language would actually be."

"Because he showed me how useful languages are in the real world."

"Languages link directly to all jobs."

"How useful having MFL GCSE is."

"I was surprised what languages can do."

"He went into lots of detail to help us learn."

"I can learn Animation in German."

"That French is a common language."

"That not as many people speak English as I thought."

"Languages are important as everyone says "everyone speaks English" and they don't."

"That many languages are used around the whole world and how important it is to know a different language."

"That lots of countries speak languages from different countries."

"How often German is used."

"I was surprised that so many languages are involved with so many jobs."

"A language can be used over many countries."

"Mr Penn gave information in an interesting form which was very appealing."

"How the language can have nothing to do with the country of employment."

"That languages have an impact to get jobs."

"How often other languages are used. "

"How much of an advantage you get from speaking two languages."

"Using languages you can have a bigger chance in better jobs."

"That MFL is linked with many different jobs."

"Modern languages help business workers as they work Globally."

"How languages are related to jobs."

"Knowing a language makes you better in the eyes of the employer."

"You can get jobs like engineering by taking French/German GCSE."

"I really liked it as he taught me the value of languages and I thought the talk was very interesting."

"I found his conversation with Madame Harris very interesting. But I didn't understand a word they said and it's crazy that Madame Harris could repeat in English what he said to us in English and to her in French!"

"Will I stand a better chance of employment? - Yes because you can go on courses to different countries."

"Mr Penn taught me alot about my choice of GCSE and I will take his advice and do what I want to do and not what my friends want me to do/be with my friends (he taught me to do what I want). Before he came in I didn't want to do French but after listening about it more it will go on my option list. "

"The things that surprised me most was that you can take French to be an Engineer and also an Animator."

"I thought it fascinating that he had come from a child in Bristol to a jockey to a fluent speaker in many languages."

"What surprised me most is that languages are used more commonly than I thought."

"I liked the engagement he used to get the year listening. Like he used foreign football players to get people thinking about how cool it would be to speak the same language as them."

"What surprised me most was that you can get a C grade and still communicate effectively."

"One thing that made me change my mind is that modern languages are used everywhere."

"What surprised me most was that if I get a C, B or A GCSE it would be useful to become a Marine Biologist. In this job I will be going over the Earth so a foreign language would be good."

"I found it interesting that he talked about his life and said that languages are the business of the World."

"Will I stand a better chance of employment - yes defintely because if the people that are employing see that you can speak one language they will think that you can learn another."


Previous Pupil Feedback

Yr8 on an Erasmus study period abroad

"I would like to discover the new and interesting things that the country could give me, in order to help me with the course that I want to study."

Examples of Yr8/Yr9 written feedback on the day

What was the best part of the conversation?

"Learning about employers points of view".

"The best thing was learning that languages are very important".

"The information gave me an insight into the future" - What could have been better with the visit? - "longer time".

"The help in realising you need languages in lots of jobs" - What could have been better with the visit? - "Nothing".

"The visit gave me a lot to think about".

"That we learnt that Spanish and French are actually very helpful".

"Targeting actual life and business tips".

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